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A Trip to Botswana

Aleks was working in Gaborone so Maks with the rest of the family went to visit her.

Our friend Jasmina was the driver and her daughter Vedrana was the pleasant companion.

A pleasant trip under the African sky.

Ze driver in full concentration.

For some, "packing" arrangements were a little bit too tight.

On the other hand, moral of the troops were exceptionally high.

Optimism was prevailing throughout!

Some closeups of beautiful young ladies should not be missed.

Finally, a well deserved rest in the pleasant shade of the Musich family home.

Old photo albums with various mountain top pictures.

The dogs Ricky II (and Pishta) had a wonderful time playing with kids.

The chatterbox machine in full swing.

The center of Gaborone.

Midday = very hot!

Wild bunch under the Memorial Arch in the centre of Gaborone.

A small digression: Katarina and her cousin Irena during a recent visit to Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Young Igor, fully in "charming" mode.

Igor, Marko and Maks in the restaurant.

Igor and Katarina.

Mother and daughter.

On the way back, after some 1100 km, even the VW diesel needs some "food".

Whatever you do, do not forget the sky over Botswana.

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